Why do clinics choose MoniHeal?

The platform makes communicating clinicians and patients with their patients easy, prompt and meaningful - from planning a consultation or visit and paying for services that is instantaneously implemented through the built-in service.

The platform encourages people to more actively use the services of the clinic, giving them recommendations from regular surveys after monitoring the health of the patient.

Here are all the tools to optimize the time of your doctor and TV medicine: online communication with patients and colleagues, video and audio console (with instant translation into any language). These materials are archived for further use. The physician gets access to all the patient's personal medical records for a preliminary diagnosis.

The clinic will attract more clients, with whom the platform provides the opportunity to order and receive medical services on credit. Patients, in turn, are motivated for permanent maintenance through the cash system - the possibility of a refund.

MoniHeal - a powerful tool for advertising support and creating a positive image of clinics. With the constant streaming of news content, the platform regularly informs users about the new achievements of the clinic, its benefits and special offers.